Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy


Kelly Sloan, MS, RD

I grew up in Long Beach, CA and currently live in Honolulu, HI where my nutrition journey began. I received my Bachelors in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and my Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences at Cal State University at Long Beach.

I am a food service dietitian at one of the major acute care hospital on Oahu. I am an Adjunct Instructor at University of Maryland Global Campus teaching courses on basic nutrition and environmental sustainability. I am also a nutrition communications consultant working with an award winning, internationally renown registered dietitian. 

I balance work and the many interests I enjoy such as baking, cooking and hiking the beautiful trails of Oahu.

As you can see, I lead a busy life and it is easy to get caught up in all the work play. I have learned that I need to stop and refresh - a philosophy I would like to share with you all.


Refresh and Reconnect 

Over the years, I have learned that our daily life and work demands can take a toll on more than the body and mind - but can alter our overall lifestyle and eating habits. 

As stressful as life can be, it is important to take a step back, refresh and reconnect with what you love. Whether that is stopping to take a photo of your favorite flower, taking a walk to get some sunshine and fresh air or baking a fresh batch of homemade cookies. 

Finding a balance in your lifestyle routine, work and diet doesn't have to be difficult and can be a refreshing and rewarding process as you find what works for YOU.

Join me to learn more about my nutrition philosophy, general lifestyle and whole body love.